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With a variety of options to "chews" from, we’ve got the perfect treat for any four-legged furry friend.
Can't decide?
Our bully sticks are high in protein and help reduce tartar buildup with every satisfying chew. Our Braided Beef Gullet is a great choice filled with natural glucosamine and chondroitin that will soothe your pup's joints. Or if you've got a special cheese lover in the family, our Cheese Lover Chew is brimming with protein and amino acids that your pooch will go wild for!
There's something for every pup! (and every dow owner that truly cares about what their four-legged bestie consumes!)


"Chews" From:

-Bully Sticks: high protein, low fat, helps reduce tartar, 6 inches, thickness varies


-Braided Beef Gullet: A natural source of Glucosamine, & Chondroitin


-Chicken Sausage: high protein, single ingredient chew


-Lamb Weasand Twist: softer chew, high protein, low fat, high in glucosamine


-Cheese Lover Chew: rich in amino acids and protein




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